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"The Ring, the Legacy of the Last Templar is born with bestseller blood. Three editions in less than a month speak by themselves about a novel that many people will be talking about."
Enigmas Express
Sepulchre of the Captain General of the Spanish galleys.
The Ring
Sepulchre of the Captain General of the Spanish galleys.

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The ring   The success achieved by the novel The Ring brought to light the esoteric meetings that were taking place in the church of Santa Anna in Barcelona, and this was the reason why the group, named the “Priory of Saint Jean of Jerusalem”, was expelled from the church by the Archbishop.

   The Great Priory of Saint Jean of Jerusalem, founded in 1791, linked with the Great Masonic Lodge of Spain, is expelled on the Archbishop’s orders from the Santa Anna parish of Barcelona, where they had been meeting for the last three years.

Article published in El Triangle, Barcelona by Pep Martí - 18 July 2005

Jorge Molist’s novel The Ring warned about it

The ring   he meetings of the Great Priory of Saint Jean of Jerusalem in the church of Santa Anna seem to have inspired The Ring, a novel that has already sold more than a quarter million copies in Spain.

   Since the success of The Da Vinci Code, esoteric plots with strong elements of ecclesiastic intrigue continue to guarantee success in the bookstores. Molist, a Catalan now living in Madrid, sets part of the plot of his novel in the church of Santa Anna, where a group of new Templars meets periodically. The work narrates the search for a supposed treasure bequeathed to Cristina, the main character of the story, by her godfather.

   Molist in a telephone statement to this newspaper (TRIANGLE) admits that he knew about the meetings in the church and was very interested in learning about the prohibition of access of the members of the Great Priory to Santa Anna; he asked me for details and declared that “I disagree with the anti-Masonic literature published lately. I am a person that believes in tolerance, and in my novel, more than talk about masons I write about the spirituality of the Middle Ages that interests me a lot”.

Santa Ana
The church of Santa Anna has always been a place
for Templars and esoteric knights to meet.

The expulsion

Benedicto XVI   One way in which the present retrogressive tendency of the Catholic Church, that the election of Joseph Ratzinger as Benedict XVI has only confirmed, has shown itself is in the return to the fight against the masons as one of the main issues of the Catholic right wing. Even the most liberal among the bishops aren’t free of this due to their fear of not appearing orthodox enough.

   Luis Martínez Sistach, the Archbishop of Barcelona, has just ordered the doors of Santa Anna to be shut to the masons.

   For several years the Great Priory of the Combined Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple of Saint Jean of Jerusalem, founded in 1791 in the United Kingdom, and within the kingdom of Spain linked with the Grand Lodge of Spain (GLE), gathered in the Barcelona church of Santa Anna. The priest did not put forward any objections despite the fact that the Archbishop at that time, Cardinal Carles, was a very conservative man.

   Santa Anna, one of the most beautiful churches of Barcelona, with its cloister and capitulary room, was seen as the ideal scenario for these knights who prefer discreet rituals and meetings. And they had the courtesy to attend Mass before starting their work, a fact that may surprise those who do not know about masonry.

   The church of Santa Anna is historically linked with the Order of the Holy Sepulchre (1099) the first of the Military Orders created in the times of the Crusade to protect the city of Jerusalem, recently conquered from the Muslims. The Orders of the Temple and Saint Jean of Jerusalem were founded afterwards. Santa Anna became a meeting place for the Order of the Holy Sepulchre from the XII century. Bearing this tradition in mind, the leaders of the Great Priory that we have mentioned considered that the church was a very appropriate place for their gatherings. But the news that a group of masons were meeting frequently in a Catholic church must have scandalized someone. Or maybe the reading of The Ring, Jorge Molist’s histrical novel, with sales already exceeding 250,000 copies, and which speaks of esoteric meetings in Santa Anna, has spread the news.

   The Archbishop ordered the priest of Santa Anna to eject such unexpected guests. It seems that the priest, Joan Aran, displeased by the incident, had no option but to obey, especially when it became clear that this was regarded by the Archbishop as a very serious issue.


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