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"Jorge Molist captivates the reader, who becomes a child again and falls under the spell and mystery of this story."
El Cultural
Church of Santa Ana.
The Ring
Church of Santa Ana.

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Welcome to my web page.

Having writing as a passion and a separate parallel activity to provide for material needs has its advantages and disadvantages. One obvious disadvantage is the lack of the motivation that necessity imposes but this is also the most obvious plus: theres no need to hurry.

So when Im looking up information for my novels I tend to spend entire days researching something that in the finished novel may be reduced to a single line, just for the pleasure of satisfying my curiosity.

In this and other respects, The Ring has been a source of many surprises. It not only received an unexpected literary award in the shape of the Alfonso X El Sabio Historical Novel Prize, in Toledo, Spain, but it is also enjoying huge critical and commercial success, first in Spain and now internationally. I think that it is better to please many readers than just the select few of an award jury, but if you can please both, thats a dream, in this case a dream come true.

I believe if I had lots of fun with my unexpected findings related to The Ring, maybe my readers will enjoy them too. So here I offer the results of my research into some of the mysteries that I came across while writing the novel.

Thanks for reading me.


Why, in Romanesque and Gothic paintings and sculptures, is no one seen wearing rings, except top church officials? Where was the first ancient church of Santa Anna in Barcelona located? Knights of the Holy Sepulchre in Barcelona.

The meetings of esoteric knights in the church of Santa Anna.

The Popes ring and the demon. The mystery of the Templar crosses.

The Templars and the sea.


TitularBig authors in small books (01-07-2008)
Big authors in small books

On May 2008, the The hidden queen, the last novel from Jorge Molist published in Spain, was released in the pocket format by Booket. In 2007 The hidden queen was released in hard cover format, and achieved the number 10th position in sales in Spain, according Nielsen, among all novels released in the year.

The pocket release has been supported by an advertising campaign called Big authors in small books Joining Jorge Molist in the advertising we find authors like Carlos Ruiz Zafn, Paulo Coelho, Luca Etxebarra and Matilde Asensi.

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TitularThe 6th of May 2008 (30-04-2007)
The 6th of May 2008

The Ring will be published in the US on May 6th, 2008 by Atria Books an imprint of Simon and Schuster. It is the first time that a Jorge Molists novel is published in English

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